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Star Quiz – Fairly Versatile, fast, easy, the people who use it love it. $40 for one license.

Socrative – Easiest platform, fastest to use.  Fairly limited, but Free!

Flubaroo with Google Forms – A bit more setup involved, but decently versatile and Google, so it’s Free!

Schoology Canvas, Edmodo, Google Classroom – Full blown classroom LMS solutions for Free! Google Classroom is only available for Google Apps for Education users.

Google SitesBlogger, Weebly, and EduBlogs – Free web & blog sites for educational use. Sites and Blogger are part of Google and EduBlogs is based off of WordPress. These can be used as a teacher home page or used by students for writing and assignments.

MindMup – Free Online Mind Mapping program. It can be stored in Google Drive or publicly shared.

CloudConvert – Covert documents from one format to another, even documents in the cloud. Free to use with some limitations.

Newsela – Publishes daily news articles at 5 reading levels from grades 3–12 to drive gains in literacy.

PearDeck – Create interactive teaching presentations that allow student interaction and live feedback.

PollEverywhere – Conduct live polls and feedback using mobile devices on WiFi, SMS, Twitter, or cellular networks.

Prezi – A web-based presentation tool similar to PowerPoint.

EdCite – Create your own or copy and modify existing assessment items. Intro Video for Edcite.

ExitTicket – This tool is for both student and teacher use and can be used to deliver real-time formative and summative assessments in ‘exit ticket’ style delivery throughout a class period.

Moodle – Moodle is a free Learning Management System (LMS) that has an assessment feature which can be extended with additional plugins.
  • Link – Quiz Plugins – Extend Moodle quizzes with plugins for a large variety of innovative question types including drag-and-drop, freehand drawing, select missing words, and such.
  • Link – Help video – Drag and drop into text demo
  • Link – Help video – Drag and drop into text directions
  • Link – Help video – Drag and drop onto image demo
  • Link – Help video – Drag and drop onto image directions
  • Link – Help video – Drag and drop text onto image directions
  • Link – Help video – Drag and drop markers demo
  • Link – Help video – Drag and drop markers directions