Troubleshooting Promethean Boards

Here are some tips for fixing Promethean Board connection issues:

If your Promethean Board is connected to the computer the icon will look like this:


*You may only have 1 device connected depending on your board*

Pens do not work or Red Flame shows in Uuper left corner of the board
  • This typically means that the USB connect from the board to the computer has a hardware issue
  • This could also mean your pens need re-calibrated
calibrate TIP #1

  1. Calibrate your pens
  2. Click on the Promethean icon in the bottom right corner of your screen
  3. Move your mouse to Calibration
  4. Click on 5 points
  5. The calibration screen with cross-hairs should pop up on the board.
  6. Tap the middle of each cross-hair with your pen until you complete all 5.
  7. The pen should be working now. If not go to Tip #2


Side of Promethean Board TIP #2

  • Unplug the USB cable from the side of your Promethean Board
  • Wait 5 seconds and plug the USB cable back into the port.
  • Hopefully this is the easiest fix and your board will recognize the board and install the drivers.
  • If you see a red X in the bottom corner of your screen move to the next tip below.


not connected TIP #3

  • If you see the red X in the bottom corner of your computer screen (or on the board) then the connection between the computer and the board is not working
  • Try unplugging the USB cable from the side of the board as describe in Tip #1
  • If the computer starts installing drivers then the connection has been re-established.


 Tip #4

  1. You will need to uninstall the Generic Hub or Unknown Device
  2. Right click on Computer and Click on Properties
  3. Click on Device Manager
  4. Look for either Generic Hub or Unknown Device with a yellow exclamation point next to it
  5. Right Click on Generic Hub or Unknown Device and select Uninstall
  6. Click OK when asked about Confirm Device Uninstall
  7. Now go to the top of the Device Manager where your computer’s name appears like ME-201 and right click the name.
  8. Click on Scan for hardware changes
  9. If the computer recognizes the board it will start installing the board hardware
  10. When all of the devices are properly installed there will be green check marks next to each device
  11. If this does not fix your board submit a help desk ticket to request help.
Tip 4 Step 3 device manager
Tip 4 Step 4 unknown-device
Tip 4 Step 5


Tip 4 Step 8


scan for changes
Tip 4 Step 10 devices-installed
Sound from board not working
 sound green The side of your Promethean board should have a green light on indicating the sound amplifier is on.
 sound red Sound Tip #1

If not push the red button to turn it green.

promethean volume Sound Tip #2

Also make sure the volume knob is turned up.

  Make sure your sound output it set to the Promethean Board
sound-promethean Sound Tip #3

Click on your speaker icon in the bottom right corner. If it looks like the screen on the left showing the Promethean Board as the default sound output it is connected properly. Check the Red/Green Button Tip above or check the volume knob tip

sound-Realtek Sound Tip #4

Click on your speaker icon in the bottom right corner. If it looks like the screen on the left showing the RealTek HD Audio you need to do the following:

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Double click on Sound
  3. You should see the Promethean USB Audio at the top. If you don’t see it then see the red/green button tip. If that does not fix it then your board may not be connected, see Tip #3 above to see if you have a red X by the Promethean connection
  4. Right click on the icon and click Set as Default Devicesound set default
  5. Once you are done it should have a green check mark next to it. Now go back to Sound Tip #3 to check the Sound output status. sound set ok